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Preventive Care

To help pets live long, comfortable lives, we encourage regular examinations to help maintain your pet’s health. Regular exams, based on your pet’s age and overall health, allow us the opportunity to keep your pet in optimal condition. Regular visits also allow us to opportunity to detect any medical issues early, when they are most easily treated. During preventive care visits, we perform a thorough physical exam to ensure we note any changes that might be occurring. These visits are an excellent time to answer owner questions, review their pet’s individual needs (such as vaccines that may need to be administered) and perform any needed laboratory testing.

During their developmental stages, puppies and kittens are ever changing! For this reason examinations are done at approximately two, three and four months of age. These exams allow us to monitor the many physical and behavioral changes that occur during early growth and answer the many questions our clients often have as these changes occur. Parasite control is especially important in these patients. Young immune systems are easily challenged by external and internal parasites. Because young bodies are growing rapidly, optimal nutrition and digestion are critical for proper development. Because immunity to many diseases is developed during early life, vaccine protocols are discussed during these visits. Our goal is to assess each patient’s needs for vaccines based upon the lifestyle they are expected to lead and then vaccinate appropriately.

For most adult patients, preventive care visits are scheduled once yearly. Patients undergo a physical exam to make sure they stay in optimal health. We maintain their immunity by timely administration of vaccines to fit their lifestyle. For our canine patients, annual stool and blood tests are recommended to be sure they have not become infected with internal intestinal parasites, heartworms or the very common Minnesota tick borne disease (Lyme or Anaplasmosis). For our feline patients, we encourage an annual stool test at the time of their annual check-up. We encourage all of our adult patients to have an up to date lab panel on file. These inexpensive blood tests provide us with important “inside the body” information that serves as an important baseline of their internal organ health. 

This baseline data is especially important as sometimes patients physically appear normal ,while in fact early internal organ abnormalities are present. Our yearly annual exam visit also allows us the opportunity to discuss with you any changes you may be noticing at home and any concerns you may have. It is also a good time to review any medications your pet may be on.

Our senior pets, much like older people, have often had many “life experiences” that can impact their health. They may suffer from chronic age related conditions, such as arthritis, decreased vision, diminished hearing and dental disease. Their internal organs (heart, liver, kidneys) are often not able to perform as well as they once did. Therefore we often see these patients several times per year. Our preventive care often centers around the management of these patients’ individual medical conditions and needs. Senior patients generally need fewer vaccinations, but more individual care and more frequent laboratory assessment to monitor their health. Our goal is to enable them to be happy, comfortable and functional members of your family for as long as possible.


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After hours emergency service is available by calling the Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service in Eden Prairie. They may be reached at 952-942-8272.

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