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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy significantly reduces the swelling and pain in soft as well as bony tissue. This is exciting technology that our clinic offers to our patients.
No anesthesia or shaving is required.  We pass a laser beam across the area of treatment. The energy transmitted by the various wavelengths in the beam stimulates healing in the treated tissue and is very soothing to your pet. 
For more chronic pain (e.g. osteoarthritis) pets may require multiple treatments before seeing significant improvement in mobility and pain reduction.  For more acute pain or swelling, improvement is usually noted within 24 hours.  With any therapy, the patient should be kept quiet until all treatments are completed.
We suggest Laser Therapy for the following conditions: 

  1. Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Diease)
  2. Muscle, Ligament & Tendon Injuries
  3. Sprains & Strains
  4. Ulcerations and Open Wounds
  5. Post Surgical & Soft Tissue Trauma
  6. Back Pain
  7. Neuromuscular Disease

For more information Contact us or also go to the following link:      

K-Laser Therapy Treatment

Some Biological Benefits of Laser Therapy:

  1. Faster Wound Healing
  2. Tissue Repair & Cell Growth
  3. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  5. Pain Reduction
  6. Improved Vascular Activity
  7. Increased Metabolic Activity
  8. Improved Nerve Function
  9. Trigger Point & Acupuncture Point Stimulation

Flipper from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

Veterinary-Milton had disc disease

Milton from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

K-LaserUSA at 2011 Western Veterinary Conference from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

K-Laser Ease of Use and Patient Satisfaction from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

K LASER - New York Yankees - Steve Donohue from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

Benefits of Laser Therapy from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

Benefits of Laser Therapy (with crawling text) from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

Benefits of Laser Therapy (with Spanish crawling text) from K-LaserUSA on Vimeo.

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