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Posted on 10-17-2012

By: Jacques Taylor

A major component of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is writing effective ad copy that maximizes the return on investment or ROI. In this week’s blog, you will learn three tips to effectively managing a PPC ad campaign. 

Tailor Your Ad Copy to Your Audience

When crafting ad copy, keep your target audience in mind. PPC advertising includes bidding on keywords, so start by defining who your audience is, what keywords they are using to search, what the desired outcome is, and give a clear call to action. Once you have completed keyword research, include these keywords in your ad copy and title. Also, use the keywords in the title and headings of your landing pages as well. By creating continuity between your ad and the landing page, you should see an improvement in conversion rates.
By targeting the right keywords and having a clear call to action in your ads, you will see a higher click-through rate or CTR. Do some testing to see how different calls to action affect CTRs and conversions.

For example, for a term like "San Diego Veterinarian," an effective PPC ad would look like this:


When writing ad copy, always keep your desired goal in mind. Three of the most common goals in PPC advertising are: branding, lead generation, and sales conversion.

Manage and Track PPC Campaign Progress

To achieve maximum ROI, you must closely manage and track your campaign’s progress. On a monthly basis, monitor the effectiveness of keywords and phrases through further keyword research.

Ad split or A/B testing a is great method for evaluating the effectiveness of PPC campaigns. A/B testing allows you to compare two different versions of your ad copy and landing pages. By comparing the 2 different versions, you can determine which version has the best conversion rates.

Another important metric to consider when monitoring a PPC campaign is the CTR of an ad. CTR is the number of clicks on an ad that is then divided by the number of ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.

A conversion can be counted each time a user clicks on your ad and completes the pre-determined goal set by you. Ad goals can be anything you would like, such as completing a form, scheduling an appointment, or even making a purchase. The conversion is determined by you and what you are trying to achieve with the PPC ad campaign.
By monitoring CTRs, impressions, and conversion, you can continually analyze your campaign’s success and make any necessary adjustments.

Continually test your PPC copy. Great areas to keep testing include:

  • Ad headlines
  • Ad bodies
  • Ad images
  • Ad offers and call to actions
  • Ad targeted keywords
Fantastic ad copy does not magically appear. Only time and rigorous testing can help you create great ad copy. Here are some tips to get you started:

A.    Determine what makes your practice unique
B.    Brainstorm copy segments like various call to actions
C.    Write ads with different tones

Get Creative

Be creative with your copy and make it interesting. Try different methods to liven up your ads, then test, retest, and test again.

If you would prefer to have a PPC campaign managed for your practice, call VetMatrix at 1-800-IMATRIX. We handle all the aspects of your PPC campaigns.

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