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Posted on 10-10-2012

By Fletcher Walters

Why Video Advertising is Important for Veterinarians

According to YouTube, approximately 4 billion videos are watched each day. This means almost half of the world’s population finds an interesting video every day. As a veterinarian, tapping into the dense online video arena can help your practice generate interest in veterinary services on a local level.

VetMatrix recommends taking advantage of the video advertising market as YouTube predicts by 2015 more than 50% of all online ad campaigns will include cost-per-view video ads. Video advertising is designed for local businesses. A business owner can run an affordable video advertisement campaign that geo-targets a desired audience and certain viewer demographics.

What is the Cost Structure for Video Advertising?

Online video advertising is based on video views rather than the number of times an ad appears (known as impressions). This benefits the advertiser as they pay only for what is actually viewed. To constitute a view, a user must watch 30 seconds of the video or see the end of the ad. Additionally, video ads are reaching engaged local viewers that Google seeks out through analytical data gathered from YouTube, YouTube search, and Google display networks.

4 Different Ways to Advertise on YouTube

YouTube’s TrueView provides a variety of video advertising options in order to best serve advertisers. With three networks to choose from (YouTube Videos, YouTube Search, & Google Display Network), advertisers can experiment with various formats to produce the greatest return and extend their reach. Ad formats include in-search, in-slate, in-display, and in-stream which are described in the graphic below.

TrueView Ads

How to Set Up a Video Advertising Campaign

To set up an advertising campaign on YouTube, simply create an account at http://www.google.com/ads/video. Create a Google AdWords video campaign based on various factors such as advertising budget, interests, gender, City, State, and many other variables to improve relevancy. Define ad attributes and formats to find the best return on video bids.

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