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Posted on 10-04-2012

Your Guide to Merging Google+ Local and G+ Business Pages for Your Veterinary Practice - Special Edition


Recently, Google+ Local pages replaced Google Places listings. If you had a Google Places listing for your veterinary practice, you now will have a Google+ Local listing instead. Today’s blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to merge your Google+ Local page with your Google+ Business page. Three things you will need to complete this merger include a Google+ Personal Page, Google+ Business Page, and Google+ Local listing (formally Google Places).

1. Create a personal Google+ page. (This is an account for you, not your business. This should be a REAL account. You will connect it to your business website)

i. Make sure to use a picture with only you in it where you are looking forward. Use a clear picture as Google incorporates face recognition software to find other photos of you.

ii. Follow at least 10 other people (these should be people in your area that may follow you back).

iii. Go to the “About” area and fill it in. Also, put your website in the contributor section (see if your website is www or non-www in the search engines before doing so).

2. Create a Google+ Business Page (This page will not be directly be connected to your personal page)

i. From your personal page, go to the left side bar and hover over “More” (has three dots over it). Then click on “Pages” (this option will appear once you hover over “More”).

ii. Click on the red button “Create new page,” which is located in the upper right hand corner.

iii. Now, pick the type of business (select “Local Business or Place”).

iv. At this point, use the same phone number that is on your Google+ Local (if this is a brand new business skip to the second step.)

i. If you are do not know if you have a Google+ Local Page or are not sure where it is, first go to http://www.google.com/places/ and select “Get started now.” (If you are using Google for your first time skip this step)

a. This will bring you to an “Old Google Places Account” for your business. If it asks for a “country and phone number,” leave this screen.

b. If a “dashboard” appears, click “See your listing on Google.” You will be taken to a Google+ Local Page with your phone number (make a note of this phone number).

ii. While you may be using Google for the first time, you may already have a profile. In Google+, on the left side, select the “Local” tab.

a. Search for your veterinary practice on the top of the page.

1. Try your practice’s name Old and New

2. Phone numbers Old and New

b. If you find your business, make a note of the phone number.

v. If you did not find your business or are opening a brand new business, type your phone in for the “Primary phone number.” If you found your business phone number enter it in here (you will be able to correct it later if it is wrong).

vi. If you already have a listing, you will be able to select it on the next screen. If this is a new business or you didn’t have a listing, select “No matches located Add your business to Google.”

i. If you clicked on “No matches located Add your business to Google,” enter the information for your practice on the following screen. Enter the “Business Info, Phone, Address, & Category” and select “Create.”

ii. If you found an existing listing, you can update or correct the information and select “Create.”

vii. Next, go ahead and add a “Tagline, Introduction, Contact Info, Website & Links.”

viii. Now you should be able to click the red “Verify” button on your Google+ Business page.

ix. You will need to wait about 5-10 days for a PIN number from Google. When it arrives, enter it in.

If you have questions on Google+ Local and Google+ Business mergers, call our VetMatrix support team at 1-800-IMATRIX (1-800-462-8749).

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