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Posted on 04-29-2011

If you're familiar with the self-help classic "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz, there is a concept of comparing your subconscious mind to a guided missile that locks on a target and continuously corrects its course to reach it. If the missile veers too far left, it will correct itself and go right. If it oversteers right, it will correct to the left. For 99% of the missile's journey, it is actually off course and makes countless zig-zags.

As a veterinarian, you may email your list a tough-sell email and tick some clients off. Then maybe you'll write very mild and boring emails for a period of time and lose readership as well. These are not failures, but mistakes that improve your internal guidance system's calibration towards success.

An advantage that a missile has over us is that it doesn't punish itself for each zig and zag. If a missile had our emotions, it would drop to the ground every time it went 5 degrees too far to the right, and never hit the target. This is why movie villains like the Terminator and the sociopath assassin from "No Country for Old Men" are so intimidating in their effectiveness.

The good news is that you don't have to be emotionless to consistently hit your goals. All you have to do is learn to embrace mistakes as a necessary part of your success path instead of making yourself feel bad for them. You don't even need to consciously analyze your mistakes because your internal system will do it automatically. Just acknowledge what happened and move forward. 

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