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Posted on 04-27-2011

In this current time, there is more product disappointment than any time in history. Technology expands at an astounding rate, and apps, products, and services are released before being completely tested. This results in errors, computer crashes, and sometimes security issues.

In the small business world, this hits a lot harder because money is at stake when you trust a provider to do a good job.

However, try turning this around and see the other perspective. Ask, "Is this something wrong or an imperfection in something great?"

More likely than not, it's the latter. For example, people like to complain about bugs in Facebook or privacy issues, but the value that Facebook provides is unprecedented in history. If you compare Facebook to the ideal version of a social media service, you'll realize you're comparing it to a fantasy company that doesn't exist.

Now, if you have a client management software for your veterinary website that regularly crashes, and this is not typical for the industry, then there's a good chance something might actually be wrong. Maybe you should replace the software with a competitor. However if there is no legitimate competitor, consider the infraction to just be one flaw among many benefits you get from the product.

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