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Posted on 04-25-2011

Earlier in this blog's history, we've discussed how visualization techniques can get you closer to your goal.  Here is a different technique to visualize your way to success.

All you need a quiet spot where you can sit with a pen and paper.  Think of a goal you'd like to accomplish with your veterinary website or clinic.  Maybe you want to have revenue of $2 million a year in your animal hospital.

Some self-help experts recommend you vividly picture your thriving, wealthy clinic (which is fine), but this technique works a little differently.  

Think or your goal and write this down: "What kind of person runs a clinic that makes $2 million a year in revenue?"  Ponder this and see what qualities come up.  Write down each personality trait, and visualize yourself with that trait.

You might have a list of "confident," "immune to criticism," "excellent at client communication," etc.  Picture yourself vividly with these traits.  You may construct an image of this perfect veterinarian, and then step into that image so it's you.  Don't concern yourself with how you'll apply this tomorrow.  Just take this time to experience having these qualities.

If you do this for a half hour a day, you'll see changes in yourself at a staggering rate.  Do this for anything you want to happen in your life, personally or professionally.

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