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Posted on 04-20-2011

As you market your veterinary website, you'll see a growing number of places where you can advertise. An increasing trend is being able to auto-populate your ad with your potential client's demographic information.

Yesterday, I saw an ad which made a pretty big mistake using this feature. It read "California: Is it a scam?"

This ad headline has worked in many niches, often being formatted as "E-cigarettes: is it a scam?" or "Tax Lien Investing: Is it a scam?"

To be asked to ponder if your whole state is a scam is pretty funny for the end user, but it doesn't help the advertiser who's spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

When you buy advertising, either be extremely careful when auto-generating ads or avoid that feature altogether.

Nick said:

There is no doubt I get these types of emails all the time. All I do is delete and move on.

2011-05-05 08:07:02

Chubby said:

THX that's a great asnewr!

2011-09-23 23:20:06

tohwiap said:

TlWa5Y pvhedjdbpssm

2011-09-25 07:54:20

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