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Posted on 03-28-2011

Whether you have professional veterinary web marketing help or not, there will sometimes be times when your site is being worked on and you will feel like you can't take action to improve your web marketing. You may feel your hands are tied.

"I can't work on my blog while it's being updated," or "I can't ask for backlinks while my site is 'under construction.'"

If you truly want to take a break, that's totally fine. However, make sure you're deliberately and intentionally setting time aside and not just making excuses. If your blog is locked during a software update, then write some posts offline. Outline them in a notebook if you have to. If your website is under construction, then research what sites you can contact next week to ask for links. Even if the entire United States internet is shut down, you can always call some networking contacts for referrals.

There is ALWAYS something to do.

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