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Posted on 03-25-2011

There seems to be a lot of inspiration for this blog from the VetMatrix break room.

As our VetMatrix team hit a new milestone in business development, we were treated to a pizza lunch in the break room. We had several types of pizza to choose from, and it was very enjoyable. I wanted to see where the pizza came from, because I was thinking of ordering for myself sometime.

When I looked at the box, the only identification I could find was "From your neighborhood pizzeria." That's it. They were using a generic box and probably saved a few dollars from not having their name on it. I wondered how many opportunities they were losing for new customers by not having their name or address or phone number on the box. Most customers will not take the extra time to track you down if they want your service. It's been a couple hours since the pizza and I still haven't asked anyone where it came from. By tomorrow, I may have completely forgotten about it.

If you give or sell any product from your clinic (maybe kennels, puppy shampoos, cat vitamins), make sure you have at the very least, a sticker with your clinic's name and address on it. You never know who might pick up the bottle and be on the lookout for a new veterinarian.

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Rosabel said:

It's about time smoenoe wrote about this.

2011-09-23 20:36:05

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2011-09-25 08:14:52

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