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Posted on 03-21-2011

At VetMatrix, we like to celebrate our team members' birthdays with a cake and candles every month. Today was an interesting occasion.

We ordered a Chocolate Cake and a Raspberry Bavarian Cream Cake. Both were covered with white frosting, and one had chocolate shavings on top to help tell which was which.

When we cut the cakes, we were shocked and angered to see that both were Raspberry Bavarian Cream and that the chocolate shavings on one of the cakes were only skin deep

The lesson that was brought to mind was that if you can't deliver what you promise, there's little value in dressing up your services superficially, as the truth always comes out. It made us madder to have been misled, rather than knowing the situation from the start. Your clients will feel the same way if things aren't straightforward with your clinic.

Teiya said:

There's nothing like the relief of fniidng what you're looking for.

2011-09-25 05:49:19

Beck said:

Well, I think the response was piistove, skeptvet, and would love to see more of yours and David Ramey's vet articles on SBM. Likewise, I'd love to see more of the SBM regulars contribute to the comments, as it seems many of them have pets and an equal number of questions!

2012-12-12 05:39:49

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