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Posted on 03-18-2011

One thing we like to do is on the VetMatrix blog is share web tools that can help you get more traffic to your veterinary website, or understand how things are working with it. Today, SEOmoz posted a great article about Google Intelligence Alerts and how it can help you.

When you use Google Intelligence Alerts, you can get a heads up about any sudden important behavior (both good and bad), happening with your website. If your web traffic gets an immediate surge, you can sign up for an email alert to find out right away. If your traffic drops by half in a day, you'll want to be alerted as well. Maybe you stopped ranking for a top keyword and need to find out why. Here is the alert for this.

There are plenty other alerts you can set up as well, such as if your lead conversions spike or flatlines. See what works for your veterinary website.

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