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Posted on 12-30-2010

In all walks of life, we relish the chance to let our creative powers flow. Whether we're in school or in business, our work becomes more fun when we can add our own spin and ideas to how things work. Now that you have your own animal hospital and veterinarian website, you may have the urge to market yourself in ways that have never been done before.

The concept I want to discuss today is the pitfalls of being a "trailblazer." This is when a veterinarian, or any business owner, goes in a new direction completely different from how other business owners have marketed themselves. While the most famous entrepreneurs in history were admittedly trailblazers, the majority of people who go off the path are never heard of, because their businesses fail.

The way to create a predictable high income in your business is to follow what's already been proven to work, and then add your own personal twist to it. This is more of a trail-widening than an all out blazing. Even the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, made his billions of a venture very similar to previous social networks like MySpace.

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