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Posted on 12-22-2010

In the last five posts, we've gone over setting up your business cards and making the initial contacts. This has all set the stage to lead your new acquaintance to your veterinary website.

However, all of this is for nothing if you don't know how to follow up.

Most veterinarians make one of two crucial mistakes when contacting someone they've just met. They either don't make a second contact soon enough or they come off pushy or over-salesy when they do reach out.

When you meet someone you'd like to direct to your veterinary website, always assume that this person will lose your card and forget meeting you five minutes later. Sometimes you'll be lucky and this person will in fact make contact with you again, but the responsibility always falls on you to act on the new connection, no matter how excited or motivated the person seemed in person.

The people you trade contact information will be one of two types.

1)    People who have explicitly said they may want to pay for your services
2)    People who haven't.

In the first category, it may be better to pick up the phone and call them. Even over email, it is fair game to talk about how your veterinary services can help them

For the second category, you'll need to be more subtle. We'll go over this more in a later post.

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