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"Home Away From Home" Boarding Services at The Lodge

Thera-Vet Acres understands the close bond between you and your pet. Knowing how difficult it can be to leave your "kids" behind, Thera-Vet Acres focuses on providing the same care you would give your pups at home. Our individualized one-on-one attention and well-trained Lodge Assistants are what make us unique.  We keep a low 6:1 pup to Lodge Assistant ratio to ensure the care, health, and safety of everyone boarding. Our boarding areas are clean, comfortable, and heated/air-conditioned.  We try to mimic their home environment as much as possible.

Please call The Lodge at 585-872-3791 or email lodge.manager@thera-vet.com to set up a tour today!

We offer several different boarding options to fit your dog’s needs:

Post-Surgical Boarding – For the canines that have had recent orthopedic surgery, beginning from 24 hours after surgery up until the time of suture removal where they will move into our therapy boarding category.   Each Post-surgical boarding dog will receive their cryotherapy, thermotherapy, passive range of motion and strethching as laid out in their individual care plan by Dr. Browne and/or Dr. Mason, as well as daily check-ins by our licensed veterinary technicians.

Therapy Boarding – For the canines that are currently in a therapy care plan at Thera-Vet Acres.  Each therapy boarding dog will receive their therapeutic exercises, as laid out in their individual care plan by Dr. Browne and/or Dr. Mason, as well as daily check-ins by our licensed veterinary technicians.  These pups are able to schedule additional in clinic therapy appointments if owners desire.

Specialized Care Boarding – For those pups that may need some extra special attention while boarding , but do not have a current individual care plan.  This may include dogs whom are post-injury or post-surgical dogs.  For specialized care boarding each dog receives an appointment with a licensed veterinary technician on the day of arrival to determine what type of care would make their stay most comfortable.

Healthy Boarding – For those carefree canine friends who have little-to-no restrictive health issues.

A Typical Day for Our Boarding Dogs
•         Our day starts at 7am, where everyone is taken out individually by our highly trained Lodge Assistants so that urination/defecation and mobility can be closely monitored.
•         Breakfast is served right after, with meals made up according to owner instructions, including medications and supplements.

•         After everyone has time to digest, activity sessions begin at 9am.    We have a variety of activities depending on each dog’s individual needs:
o   We have large fenced in grass pastures for individual or group fun!
o   There are several acres of trails for walking…and sniffing.
o   For our therapy/specialized care/post-surgical patients our Lodge Assistants will perform th
erapeutic exercises assigned by our veterinarians/technicians, depending on each patient’s individual needs.

•         Everyone goes for a potty walk at 11:45am before nap time, which runs from 12-2pm.

•         At 2pm, it’s time for our 2nd activity session of the day.
•         Dinner is dished out at 5pm with meals made up according to owner instructions, including medications and supplements.
•         6pm, everyone goes for another potty walk.
•         11pm is last call. All dogs are taken out right before bed time- just like home.

Looking to give your pup a little extra on their vacation?

To help keep your canines in top physical shape we offer:

Diet Calculations/Recommendations

Dr Exam 15 minute cursory exam – Our veterinarians will spend 15 min checking over  your dog to see if they notice any symptoms or issues that might need further attention now or just monitoring for future monitoring

Bodywork (depending on availability)

To keep your canine physically fit during their stay:

Additional Play/Lovin (increase your pup's playtimes to 30 minute sessions twice daily

Group play with other dogs

Doggie Day Play (group play from 8-11:30, and 2-5:30)(weather/availability permitting)

To keep your canine mentally stimulated during their stay:

Food puzzles/Kong wobblers to help keep your dog engaged during food time

Doggie Frozen Yogurt

Kong filled with peanut butter, yogurt, or pumpkin, and frozen 
for longer enjoyment

Other services:

Nail trim

Other ways to enjoy Thera-Vet Acres without staying overnight

•         Pasture Rental - Do you have a group of dogs looking for a place to play? Consider renting a pasture at Thera-Vet acres! Whether it be an organization, breed-specific play group, or just a bunch of besties getting together for a romp, the fenced in pastures of Thera-Vet Acres provides the perfect place for a play date!

Day Boarding and Doggie Day Play- Does your canine companion want to get out and enjoy the sunshine? Do your commitments such as work, school, etc. keep you from spending one-on-one outside time with your pups? Thera-Vet Acres offers Day Boarding and Doggie Day Play for those seeking love, exercise, and attention for their dogs while they’re away for the day. 

Day Boarding: Is your dog a lone wolf, independent-type who isn’t really interested in playing with other dogs?  Activity time can consist of long walks through the trails or one-on-one playtime with a staff member.  Daycare services at Thera-Vet Acres doesn’t just mean group play. It means individualized care for your dog while you are away in the manner that best fits your dog’s personality or needs.

Doggie Day Play: Is your dog the life of the party?  We have Doggie Day Play where a group of tested friends can play all morning, take a snooze, and come back out to romp around all afternoon.