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Well-Pet Preventative Care Program
(Reduced Cost Services)

Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center is proud to offer our Well-Pet Preventative Care Program that allows you to provides quality veterinary care at a reduced cost for your beloved companion.

We combined American Veterinary Medical Association recommended preventative care into Well-Pet Care Packages for adult dogs, adult cats, puppies and kittens to provide basic yearly health care at all stages of life.

Our Well-Pet Care Program Available By Appointment Only Monday Through Thursdays. Well-Pet Care is not offered on Saturdays.

Call 631-696-2400 to schedule soon, because on these special days, scheduling time is limited. We understand your time is valuable, which is why we always strive to provide each patient with individual, scheduled appointment time in which they are our sole focus.  When you and your pet are with us, you can depend on having our full attention. 

Due To The Popularity of Our Well-Pet Care Program And The Limited Number Of Well-Pet Appointments Available, Schedule Your Pet's Well-Pet Care Appointment At Least Two Weeks In Advance!! We No Longer Offer Same Day Well-Pet Care Appointments  

Click Here To See Our Appointment Policy

Well-Pet Care Appointments are intended for patients in good-health who do not require Same Day Urgent Care or sick-patient appointments.  Therefore, if your pet has an illness, such as an ear or skin infection, we will be happy to see them sooner for a Same Day Urgent Care or sick-patient visit, but will be unable to offer vaccination or Well-Pet Care services until such time as the Veterinarian has determined the illness has resolved or will not be adversely affected by vaccination.

Walk-In Patients not experiencing an immediate medical crisis who decline to schedule Well-Pet appointments for a more convenient time will be charged our Same Day Urgent Care examination fee, in addition to any Well-Pet or vaccination services they require.

Scroll down to read more about what our Well-Pet Care Program has to offer you and your pet.  Please, make sure to read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page carefully to ensure that your pet qualifies for our Well-Pet Care Program.

Don't waste your time in line, compare our compassionate care to Petco, and see how your pet can benefit from true high quality medical care, comprehensive physical exams, and dedicated appointment times all at comparable affordability at the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness Center.

The Value of Quality Veterinary Care at Reduced Cost

We offer quality, individualized veterinary medicine and services, not an assembly line of “one size fits all” medicine.  Click Here For Our Wellness Philosophy

You get a scheduled appointment where you and your pet are our sole focus, not standing in line hoping not to be cut off when temporary low-cost clinic hours are over. Click Here For Our Appointment Policy

You know where we are!!  We've been a dependable part of your community since 2006, and have reliable Office Hours.  No need to travel vast distances and spend more on gasoline than on your pet's preventative care.  Click Here To Learn More About The Suffolk Veterinary Group

Our Veterinary Team is educated & licensed to practice, not hired off the street. We have many years of school and practice between us. Click Here To Learn Who We Are

Your pet gets a Comprehensive Physical Exam with our Veterinarians that covers all physical aspects of your pet, as well as consultation time to discuss nutritional, behavioral, dental, or medical history concerns, not a “token” exam that does not address your concerns. Click Here To Learn Why Physical Examination Is Important For The Health Of Your Pet

You establish a very important relationship between our Veterinarians and your companion that allow you the ability to have someone readily available to answer questions based on your pet’s medical history, instead of a “token” Veterinarian who is unavailable outside of low-cost clinic times and who cannot answer questions regarding your pet because they have no relationship with you or your pet, or any of your pet's medical history on file. 

Your pet's medical history is documented in their records, allowing us to review all your pet's past health and medical related concerns to evaluate trends that lead to better diagnosis and faster recovery.  Even if you have not had a visit to Suffolk Veterinary Group since 2007, chances are we still have your special companion's medical history on file and can provide consultation based on that history. A low-cost clinic does not retain this type of medical history file.  Click Here For Our Medical Records Policy

An Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan you can apply for right in our office.  With CareCredit, you can take advantage of low interest rates, or interest-free promotional payment plans for pets, and humans too.

Click here for our CareCredit Payment Policy

Our clinic is clean and quiet, not loud and crowded.  We go out of our way to ensure your pet is safe, and has their own exam room.  No standing in line having your pet exposed to others of unknown behavior, vaccine history, or illness.

We are not a retail pet chain. We do not have any retail displays because we believe that medicine, not products, is the best for your pet.

Click Here To ShopWe can prescribe medications for your pet, and register you with our Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy right in our clinic, instead of telling you to do it yourself at home. Click Here To Learn More About Our Online Pharmacy.

Click on the "Shop Online" photo to go directly to the Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy Website


We are also permitted to provide written prescriptions to take to the pharmacy of your choice because we have a fully established Family-Patient-Veterinary Team relationship with you and your pet.  Other temporary low-cost clinics cannot provide written prescriptions because they do not provide this relationship, which is required by law for prescription writing.  Click Here For Our Prescription Policy

Our vaccines contain more protection against more diseases in one dose, instead of just protection against a few diseases, with "5-in-1" and "4-in-1" vaccination combinations, and do not charge extra for these combinations. Click Here To Learn More About Vaccination

Our Canine "4-in-1" Disease Screening Test checks for four silent killers; Heartworm Disease, Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis at no additional cost to you where other low-cost clinics only screen for Heartworm Disease, then charge you extra to screen for the other three.
Click Here To Learn About Tick Illnesses

Weekday appointment and evening hours are available, instead of wasting your weekend standing in line.  If we can't schedule your pet today, we'll still be available tomorrow or next week during the same time.   

Not only it is the law, it is ethically and morally important to us as a veterinary hospital that we keep all medical wastes out of our environment and from becoming health hazards, therefore a small, nominal fee is rolled into the care package cost that assists us in having these materials specially carted away to where they can be properly processed and disposed of.  Other places charge this fee separately!

To learn more about our Well-Pet Care Program, and what services we provided at a reduced cost, click on one of the tabs at the top, or call 631-696-2400 to speak with our helpful Veterinary Team!  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to let you know how special your companion is to us!

Terms and Conditions Of Well-Pet Care Program:  Well-Pet Care Program pricing does not include any lifestyle (non-core) vaccines, dispensed medications, additional diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, or any other services such as nail trims, ear cleanings, or anal gland expressions that may be provided during a visit, and any services that are not specifically indicated to be included in the Well-Pet Care Program package prices for those specified packages.  Well-Pet Care Program appointments are restricted to Monday through Thursday 12:00pm-7:00pm, and participation in the Well-Pet Care Program is by appointment only.  Any pet determined upon veterinarian examination to be too sick to vaccinate is ineligible for Well-Pet Care Program pricing and all services provided will be at regular full clinic prices.  Because Well-Pet Care Program pricing is already significantly reduced, any and all Well-Pet Care Program pricing cannot be combined with any other Suffolk Veterinary Group special offers of reduced pricing, printable vouchers, credits, or discounts.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Call 631-696-2400 for more information.

Sign up using the form below or call (631) 696-2400 to make an appointment.

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I want to thank Dr. Winkler and his staff. They are the most compassionate animal care center ever. And when we recently had to put our kitty down, no where else will you receive the compassion they show. God bless them for their kindness and caring hearts.

Barbara B.
Selden, NY

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