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Pet Services in Las Vegas

St. Francis Animal Hospital is happy to serve as your complete veterinary resource. Our Las Vegas veterinarian, Dr. Drake, is here to help your pet in any which way he can.

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Our Las Vegas Pet Services

  • Pet Wellness Exams - Every pet requires a wellness exam at least once a year. We can check your animal's health inside and out, running lab tests and other diagnostic to catch any problems that need to be treated.

  • Pet Vaccinations - All pets should receive the essential or "core" vaccinations that protect them against deadly diseases. These include rabies, canine or feline distemper, canine hepatitis/parvo and feline FIV/calicivirus.

  • Puppy and Kitten Care - Puppies and kittens need extra medical attention. Our Las Vegas veterinarian can perform frequent wellness checks, monitor growth and development and administer vaccinations, parasite preventatives, de-worming and other essentials.

  • Geriatric Care - Geriatric pets also require additional veterinary care as they face elevated risks of chronic, age-related health challenges. Our veterinarian can perform extra wellness tests, prescribing medications, dietary adjustments or other treatments that might be necessary.

  • Pet Dental - Pet dental checkups and cleanings are critical for veterinary wellness. Our Las Vegas vet services include oral evaluations to check for periodontal disease, tooth problems or cancers, deep cleaning and oral disease treatment.

  • Microchipping - Injecting a tiny microchip under your pet's skin enables animal workers to scan him for a unique ID number. This number is stored in a national registry with your contact information in case your pet goes missing.

  • Pet Surgery - We perform everything from routine spaying or neutering to emergency pet surgery. Rest assured that we will also advise you every step of the way, from pre-operative testing to post-operative home care.

  • Small Animal Care - If you own a pocket pet such as a rat, mouse or other miniature friend, you've chosen the right clinic. Our vet team can evaluate small animals' health and wellness, treat injuries or illnesses and provide valuable home care recommendations.

  • Reptile Services - Reptiles can be challenging pets due to their specialized dietary and environmental needs. Our veterinarian services include counseling on food, enclosures, ideal temperature ranges and potential health issues. We also perform routine wellness checkups and treat any problems your reptile may be displaying.

  • Pet Weight Control - Obesity can lead to serious health issues ranging from joint pain, diabetes and hypertension to organ failure. We can monitor your pet's weight closely, prescribe an exercise or diet plan if necessary, and provide guidance so you can know you're feeding your pet the right amounts of the right foods.

  • Pet Boarding - When you must travel without your pet, you'll feel better knowing that he is in skilled hands. Our veterinary pet boarding service provides your friend with comfortable lodgings, good meals, human affection and (perhaps most importantly) immediate access to medical care.

Contact Our Las Vegas Veterinarian Today!

For more information about our pet services at St. Francis Animal Hospital or to schedule an appointment, call our Las Vegas veterinarian today at 702-675-8366.


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Dr. Drake and CarolAnn are amazing! They have been caring for my dogs for over 10 years now and I have never had one complaint. They are always so happy to see my dogs and provide them with the most compassionate care. I recommend them to any seeking an honest, caring, loving, empathizing and helpful veterinarian!

Bob H.
Las Vegas, NV

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