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Full Veterinary Services

Veterinarian Serving Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Pleasantville and Briarcliff Surrounding Areas

We're pleased to offer the following services at Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital

Health and Well-Being

Preserving the daily health of your pet is the most important thing that we can do as a team, with you at the helm. Physical exams, selecting  appropriate vaccinations, identifying parasites and discussions about nutrition, as well as medical, surgical and dental care, we provide the most effective veterinary services available anywhere.

From the moment you enter Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital, you are comforted by feelings of care and compassion by the entire staff. We emphasize cleanliness, you are greeted cheerfully and we always strive to make your wait as short as possible, apologizing when emergencies make that difficult.

We are happy to discuss all aspects of health and well-being with you. Our most important job is to help you understand the steps necessary for disease prevention. From housebreaking issues to poisonous plants, from weight control to diet selection, we will always work with you  in a way that will make you understand why our motto is: "for your pet's health and your peace of mind!"


We are equipped to make rapid and accurate diagnosis of your pet's illness using an in-house blood analyzer, giving us extensive information about blood cells (red and white, as well as platelets and reticulocytes), blood chemistries (liver and kidney values, proteins, calcium, blood sugar, pancreas function and more), and electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride).  This not only helps with initial diagnosis but also helps us monitor ongoing therapies.

We use a nationally recognized reference laboratory capable of sophisticated tests unable to be performed in-house. In addition, it allows us access to pathologists, cytologists, and microbiologists to obtain more diagnostic information on your pet's condition.  Results are downloaded directly into our computerized medical records to help expedite appropriate treatments.

Fecal examinations, ear swabs,  and skin scrapes are evaluated microscopically on a daily basis to aid in the detection of parasites, infections, and with needle aspirates, even certain types of cancers.

We have the latest in digital radiology equipment to provide instant X-ray images on site. The studies are performed and evaluated by our doctors immediately, and when necessary, transmitted electronically to a radiology specialist for review. Ultrasonography and endoscopic biopsy are available to us by a mobile board-certified internist who makes regular visits to our facility for these advanced diagnostic procedures.

In addition, digital technology allows us to transmit photos of patients, lesions, or X-rays to specialists via email or electronically, and to receive in-depth consultations without the need to transport the patient.

Medical Treatment

We have both the experience and expertise to treat most diseases, including the use of  intravenous fluids and colloids, blood and blood elements, and even chemotherapeutic agents.

Our staff is highly trained to administer the treatments prescribed by our doctors, and such things as blood pressure, EKG's and oxygen saturation measurements are all used to monitor therapies for the changing conditions of our patients' diseases. We regularly consult Specialists to improve the chances of a successful outcome on the more difficult cases, and if needed, a referral to these experts is made.

Nearby, there are state-of-the-art facilities in Yonkers, White Plains and Bedford Hills to handle our emergencies and our critical care patients who need overnight monitoring or nursing care, or need the additional expertise of specialists.  


There is no such thing as a routine surgery at Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital, and great care is taken that nothing interfere with continued patient monitoring whenever anesthesia or sedation is needed. We pride ourselves on the record we have established with respect to our surgical successes.

Whether elective procedures or more urgent situations, all surgeries are performed with the most modern anesthetics. Monitoring of all parameters of our anesthetized patients is performed using modern sophisticated equipment able to measure  heart rate, internal temperature, and oxygen saturation of the red blood cells, as well as pulse and respiration. A continuous electronic EKG also ensures the saftey of your pet undergoing a surgical procedure.

For the more complicated operations such as neurosurgery, orthopedics, or the removal of all or a part of certain organs, board-certified surgical specialists are called in to perform the procedure, or our patients are referred to one of our local specialty hospitals.

Pain Management

We believe that  none of our patients should be in pain, and we make sure that pain is addressed as effectively as possible.. Where we can help the most with pain:

Arthritis: Many modern medicines and modalities are availale to relieve the crippling nature of this disease in our pets, restoring significant function and comfort to them. Glucosamine supplements are slowing down the degeneration of the joints, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID analgesics) are reducing the daily discomfort more potently than ever. Additional medications that address neuropathic pain, and some classified as narcotics are also employed.  More recently, Class IVB laser therapy is also proving very effective at decreasing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Surgery: We firmly believe that no animal should wake up from surgery in pain.

We therefore provide a variety of analgesic alternatives based on the procedure and the likelihood of pain. We believe that animals who don't show pain might still be experiencing it, and we therefore assume that they are and treat them accordingly. At our disposal are a large number of agents designed for this purpose.

Trauma: Pain leads accident victims deeper into shock, so we assess pain in the same way we assess the rest of the damage done to a wounded individual. We believe that relief of traumatic pain should be among the highest priorities in our initial approach, and maintained throughout the treatment until comfort is restored.

Dental Services

Our technicians have been given advanced training by a board-certified veterinary dentist in modern dentistry and dental procedures. We utilize cutting-edge dental equipment to provide the most up-to-date treatments to insure the restoration of oral health to your pet.

All dental procedures include dental radiography using state-of-the-art digital dental x-ray equipment to determine the extent of disease, including bone loss, periodontal abscesses, and tumors. Dental scaling, polishing and fluoride treatments are done routinely, and the extraction of diseased teeth is an important in some patients. Obviously, every effort is made to preserve all teeth, but like in people, periodontal disease has significant consequences.

We refer to a board-certified veterinary dentist for more extensive disease, or for certain procedures such as fractured teeth, tumors of the palate, endodontics and restorations.

Instruction in home care oral health is provided, as well as several products to make a difficult task a bit easier.

Laser Therapy

We utilize a Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Class IVB therapeutic laser, delivering a cold laser light to affected areas resulting in a decrease in pain and inflammation and promoting healing. We are having dramatic results treating diverse conditions, from arthritis to disk disease, hot spots, traumatic lesions, and even surgical incisions.  There is no heat generated from this type of laser, so it is extremely safe with no side effects. Many patients have seen significant results using this new therapeutic equipment, and client satisfaction has been exceptional.

Travel Certificates for International Travel

Generally, any licensed veterinarian can issue health certificates for pets traveling within the continental United States (excludes Hawaii). But when your pets need to travel internationally, most countries require an international health certificate to be issued (completed, signed and dated) by a USDA accredited veterinarian. USDA Accredited Veterinarians have completed training in order to have this qualification. At Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital, Dr. Romano has completed this training and is a USDA Accredited Veterinarian. Please schedule an appointment so he can go over the steps involved in getting your pet ready for international travel.

A few things to know in advance of your visit:

When you call to make the appointment, please be prepared to tell the receptionist what country you will be traveling to.

It is ultimately your responsibility as the pet owner to make sure your pet meets the requirements of the destination country. This often means starting the process *months* in advance. See the following link for country-specific requirements: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel

Once you have gathered the necessary information, please call us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Romano.


We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide.
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