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Welcome to Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center

Paws and Claws Serves the Greater Gresham & Troutdale Areas

When an unexpected pet emergency arises, our experienced veterinarians at Paws and Claws are ready to help. We offer emergency services to dogs, cats, avians and exotics. Our emergency services are available to the Gresham and Troutdale areas during our regular clinic hours. To be sure our pets are cared for during off-hours, we work closely with emergency veterinarians in the area as well. 

troutdale pet surgery, troutdale pet emergencyOur philosophy at Paws and Claws is to help you prevent an emergency before it takes place. We strive to offer our patient community ongoing education to help keep pets safe. When seeing us for regular visits, we are happy to answer questions related to pet safety at home. Between visits, if you suspect an emergency is occurring with your pet, do not delay, please call us immediately so we can see your pet or arrange for them to be seen after hours. 

How Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center Can Help When Emergencies Arise

Pet emergencies of all types can bring a pet into our Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center. Pets are curious; they will not shy away from potential hazards such as human foods, household cleaners, yard and garden chemicals and medications if they have the opportunity to access them. Chocolate consumption and poison contact are two common emergent conditions we see pets for. 

Other emergencies may include car accidents, lacerations or sudden illnesses. Common signs and symptoms that your pet may be experiencing an emergent health concern include sudden listlessness or fatigue, a new, open wound, inability to toilet or the opposite, uncontrolled bowel movements, vomiting and refusal of water or food. 

If it has been some time since you last did a pet-proofing safety check around your home, now is the time. We encourage keeping potential poisons, foods and medications carefully stored in cupboards or containers your pet cannot access. Check your gates and fences for any jagged edges and that they are good shape. Some pets such as avians and exotics require special habitats. Consider keeping extra supplies on hand to maintain these habitats. 

We provide state of the art emergency veterinary care at Paws and Claws Medical Center. If your pet requires it, we can provide orthopedic and general surgery. We provide the safest and most reliable pet anesthetic, Survoflurane gas. Our caring support staff will also monitor your pet's heart rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure during and after surgery. Following surgery we offer supervised care. Our team will keep you updated on your pet's recovery and when it is time to come pick them up. 

Every second counts during an emergency. Please do not hesitate to call us- a false alarm is always better than waiting until it is too late to intervene. We look forward to seeing you for a visit soon.