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Caring For Your Pet Ferret

Preventative care saves money & improves pet comfort for your family's ferret in Phoenix. 

Annual Exam

  • Save money and improve pet health

  • Form a prevention plan


  • Prevent fatal contagious diseases

    • Rabies

      • 14-16 weeks old, repeat every year

    • Distemper (canine)

      • 8-10 weeks of age, 14-16 weeks of age, repeat every year

Parasite Control

  • External (mites, fleas, ticks)

    • Carry diseases that make people and pets sick

  • Internal (worms)

    • 1 in 3 people in the USA get worms from pets

    • They can make children blind

Spay or Neuter

  • If not done as a baby, schedule between 3-4 months of age

  • Prevent cancer and expensive health problems like anemia

Dental Care

  • Brush teeth daily

Senior Screening

  • Start at 3 years of age

  • Lab tests at annual exam with 6 month recheck exams

  • Catch problems early to save money and improve pet comfort


  • Commercial Ferret Food with at least 25% Animal-based Protein

  • Treats (no carbs or sugars): try meat, rodents

  • Avoid the new grain-free trend in diets as they may be related to bladder stones

Cancer Prevention

  • Seasonal adrenal hormones reset with annual injection

  • Males in late December

  • Females in February or early March

​Disease Prevention

  • Ferrets can get the flu from you! 

  • Wash your hands and reduce exposure when you are sick.

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