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Caring For Your Pet Bird

Preventative care saves money & improves pet comfort for your feathery friends in Phoenix. 

Routine Bird Care (Parrots)

  • Vet Exam Every Year

  • Basic Testing

  • Pellet Diet (80%)

  • Foraging & Flying

  • Positive Reinforcement 

  • Grooming every 3-4 months

Signs of a Very Sick Bird

  • Fluffed

  • Less active or weak

  • Less stools in droppings

  • Breathing hard


Psittacosis (Chlamydiosis) 

  • Respiratory or Intestinal signs

  • Test after purchase of if sick

  • Flu-like symptoms in people

To read more on Psittacosis, click HERE

For the 2017 Psittacosis Compendium, click HERE.

Travel With Your Pet?

Health Certificates are usually required to travel from one state to another. Visit theUSDA APHIS Website and select the state you want for import requirements. Our veterinarians are specially accredited to provide these helath certificates for your pet. An examination is required within 10 days of travel, and the certificates are valid for 30 days.

Travel to other countries with your pet can be very complex. The international requirements can change without notice, but the USDA APHIS Website is useful to start.

New Bird?

Keep separate in quarantine until examined by a veterinarian and tested for contagious diseases.

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