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9414 South 1335 East Sandy, UT 84092

Pet Wellness

We provide 30 minute wellness exams for our patients and clients, longer than most veterinary hospitals. We feel that this allows our veterinary staff the time required to ensure a complete and thorough visit and also time for answering all your questions. It also allows time for discussing wellness and preventive measures that are specifically designed for your pet.

Vaccine protocols are designed specifically for each individual patient using the most current information and vaccines available. Our vaccines are chosen based on their safety and ability to provide protection. Different life stages and exposure warrants choosing different vaccines. Every pet has a protocol designed just for them.

Parasite Control                                                                                                           Parasites in pets can pose a serious health threat and can affect the entire family. Many common internal parasites are zoonotic, which means they may be transmitted between species. To keep our pets and other family members healthy, we recommend year-round heart worm and internal parasite control for your cats and dogs. Our children and grandchildren are safest when our pets are protected from parasites.

Blood work
It is never too early to examine blood chemistries on your pets. Wellness panels help to provide a baseline to compare to, as animals age. We use both our in house lab and the best reference lab in the world to provide the information we are looking to document and save. Often, blood values cue us into diseases that are not yet showing symptoms, while these diseases can still be easily and economically resolved.

Internal Medicine
We are committed to diagnosing, designing treatment and evaluating response to treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. We'll work with you in finding solutions to medical concerns to help maintain or improve your pet’s quality of life. Commonly diagnosed medical problems such as diabetes, kidney disease , liver disease and thyroid disease can be treated with the most current medical protocols and medications. We also offer radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroidism and are home to the only feline hyperthyroid treatment facility in a five state area. We offer ultrasound, digital x-ray, endoscopy and surgical options to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of many common and uncommon medical conditions. We are committed to providing the best services available for our clients and their pets.

Behavior                                                                                                                 Behavioral concerns are some of the biggest problems pet owners face.  A large number of pets are given up every year to shelters due to behavior related issues. The veterinarians at MVAH have years of experience to draw upon in order to help you solve new and chronic behavioral problems. We can devise treatment, training and/or drug therapy plans to ease your pet’s anxiety and help improve problem behaviors. 

We offer prescription and nonprescription diets from Science Diet and Royal Canin. We will help you find the right diet whatever your pet’s requirements are.

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