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We love to receive feedback from our clients!  Please let us know how we are doing serving you and your pet, or give us ideas on how we can improve.  If you have a story or comment you would like to share, please email us at bishop@lovingpetmobilecare.com  Please include a picture of your pet for the website...   


Such a wonderful visit! Dr. Bishop is so kind, patient, and knowledgeable. They were able to take us the next day when we needed to get our new cat, Ivan, vaccinated. He had been outside and needed treatment. The doc knew the shots he needed and helped with his fleas. I highly recommend this fantastic care to anyone looking for a new vet. The gentleness here is priceless. Thank you Dr. Bishop!! ^_^  

Steph P. (2017)

I cannot say more positive things about Dr. Bishop or his practice!

It isn't often you meet someone who cares so deeply about his patients and I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Dr. Bishop for my Miniature Schnauzer, Mick. 

From the moment we walked in, we were welcomed with warm arms and my dog felt comfortable, relaxed and was excited to play with the vet. Dog owners know that isn't always the case! Dr. Bishop is thorough, articulate and detail oriented which is exactly what I was looking for in a vet. 


His practice is clean, easy to access from downtown Baltimore and emits a warm feeling. 

The secret is out! Dr. Bishop is a gem!

-Michelle K and "Mick" (2017)

There are so, so many factors that go into being a good veterinarian and having what I could define as a superb practice. I have been proven right time and time again with Loving Pet Care Hospital. This hospital and its team is a DIAMOND.

Professionalism and "no BS" is definitely something that pops into everyone's head when it is time to take a pet for a wellness exam or when there is an emergency. No one wants to be roped in with what ifs. I have had the privilege of having many pets in my lifetime, and never have I had such a wonderful, professional, personable, thorough and compassionate veterinarian or team such as Dr. Bishop and the team at Loving Pet. Dr. Bishop is so understanding and so knowledgeable - We are on the same page 100% of the time.

Availability and time is another factor. I have never had an issue with scheduling an appointment - I also should mention I have had moments where I need to reschedule a few times and have never encountered issues with the new date/time requested.
The experience is always so calm, comfortable and thorough. With every visit, I am so impressed by the attentive nature of all of the staff.


The facility is top notch - pristine work spaces, no clutter, always in stock with what they need and what you may need as a pet owner. The exam spaces are simple (which I LOVE), extremely clean and well-maintained.

Cost is also always a concern and I can say as someone who doesn't have money pouring out of my ears, the prices are extremely competitive and the care you receive is absolutely worth what you're paying for. The prescription costs are competitive and on point cost-wise. NO surprises. I would pay so much more knowing that the end point is a happy me and a happy pet!
I really hope this hospital has continued success - it is inspiring to see such knowledge and care go into an animal practice. You can tell Dr. Bishop and the team here REALLY love what they do!

Gwennie G (2017)

If you need a loving caring veterinarian- look no further than Dr. Salif Bishop. He used to be downtown but opened his own practice on Falls Road near Roland Park and Mt. Washington. He also makes house calls.
He is compassionate and kind and very knowledgeable. 
When it was time for my beloved Westie to cross the "rainbow bridge" he let me know and did not recommend unnecessary and costly care that would not have helped her. She did not suffer and that was so important to me.

-DC (2017)

 Dr Bishop and staff are wonderful. In addition to Mobile care Dr.Bishop now has a nice new office right at Lake Avenue and Falls Rd. 21210 right next to the Royal Farm store
I have known Dr,. Bishop for a very long time and he is most kind and so gentle with your pets. 
He takes great pride in his practice and his love for animals.
Super great vet

Barbara S. (July 2017)

Our 10-year-old dog hates going to the vet, which means that we all hate going to the vet. They have to muzzle her, and she's highly anxious and growly until we leave. So happy to find a mobile vet. Dr. Bishop is very patient and caring, and our annual checkup went great. For the first time in years, our dog survived the summer without going bald from allergy scratching because of a prescription she was put on by Dr. Bishop. We had tried everything and nothing worked. We also visited their new Falls Rd office for our dog's teeth cleaning, which went very well and they called to check up on her the next day.

Al E. (Sept 2016)

Dear Dr. Bishop,
Words cannot express how grateful John and I are for the care and compassion that you and your staff gave to our beloved cat, Harry Potter. At our time of greatest need for compassionate and expert advice, you helped us make the most difficult decision to say good-bye to Harry. But what was most amazing and heartfelt to us is the time you were willing to spend with us to help us through those initial days of sorrow and grief. Even now, three months later, you have reached out to see how we are doing. Your deep understanding of both pets and their owners is something that we have never experienced, nor ever could have imagined. We are so grateful that we have found you and Loving Care Mobile Pet Care. We know that our cats are in
the best hands possible when they are in your care. We tell everyone about you!!! Anne and John, Baltimore (3/2016)

Dr Bishop and his staff are caring, kind, patient and knowledgable. My mother's dog didn't have a regular vet, so when she had a seizure and we needed someone right away, and ideally someone who could come to my mother's home, Dr Bishop responded to my message within 30 minutes and was able to come within 2 hours. While the long-term prognosis isn't great, we know that Dr. Bishop and his caring assistant will be able to help all of us through this difficult time to come.

Julia R. (Nov 2016)

I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Bishop when my pet African Grey parrot seemed to be a little thinner than normal. I had lived with this bird for 19 years, since he hatched, so I was well aware of what was normal for him. Fortunately, for us Dr. Bishop was a rare vet that would treat birds. Avian/Exotic Vets are usually harder to find, it's a speciality. His talent and knowledge while dealing with my bird was immediately obvious. He was very comfortable with the bird, did a full exam and knew right when to move his finger to avoid a bite! He was very patient and kind in explaining what he believed the problem was and in outlining a treatment plan to help my dear friend, Sunflower. It included a special diet that required me to hand feed the bird, which made my parrot revert back to acting like a baby bird during feeding time, and both my parrot and I enjoyed these twice a day sessions. I ended up seeing Dr. Bishop throughout Sunflowers illness and we both fell in love with the talent, knowledge, kindness and availability that just naturally come along with Dr. Bishop and his staff. I highly recommend him to anyone who has an animal "best friend". You can honestly feel the good feelings, the concern, and the way your animal will respond to the Dr. may surprise you. I believe our pets know when they are in good hands. With Loving Pet Mobile Care, they certainly are.

Dawn E. (Dec 2014)

Dear Dr. Bishop,

Thank you so much for your amazing compassion. You are so graceful, elegant and respectful of not only my cat, Pixie, but of me as well. You are a peaceful man, who shared that peace and made a very difficult time more palatable and as least painful as possible.  I am very grateful for you and your deep compassion and always will be. God bless you in all you do and those lucky enough to be touched by you.   - Harriet  (6/2/14)

Dear Dr. Bishop,

Not once in my life have I experienced the emotions that we all experienced last night. Your heartfelt emotions were something that touched me more than you will ever know. Seeing the beauty and depth of your kind soul was what helped me to overcome my immense grief. It was at that moment that I saw that people like you and only you should be Doctors. Thank you my kind friendDave 6/2014)    


 Dr. Bishop helped my cat Rosie, age 12 years, overcome nagging long-term pain in her mouth from serious periodontal disease. During surgery to remove one of the teeth (which ended up simply fell out during the operation), he discovered that all of her teeth were bad. Another doctor might have recommended pulling all her teeth out. That would have been terrible. Instead, noting her age, he recommended monitoring over the long term and medication to keep her comfortable and live as normal a life as possible. As things worked out, Rosie today seems very healed, does not need medication, does not exhibit any sign of pain, and even eats crunchy foods! I highly recommend Dr. Bishop, especially if you are stressed out about a serious pet health problem. He is a very kind-hearted person.
- Beverly, Baltimore MD (5/2013)

I got my puppy, Thumper, the love of my life, in late August of 2012. I was warned about how hard and how much attention, care, vet visits and patience it was going to take raising a puppy. Had it not been for Dr. Bishop, I am sure this process would have been as hard as I was told it would be. Dr. Bishop made the experience of going to the vet convenient, welcoming, and most of all calming. It is hard to see something that you care so much about go through a series of vaccinations and surgery, but Dr. Bishop was more than accommodating and gentle. He did everything to make me feel like Thumper was in good hands: he called daily after his neutering to see how he was doing, gave me his direct number, and asked for us to stop in when we were in the area to say "hi". I am very grateful to Dr. Bishop and everything he has helped us with.
Alyssa, Baltimore MD (5/2013)

“Dr. Bishop is a superb veterinarian full of incredible warmth–for both animals and humans–as well as sensitivity and compassion. He and his assistant, Tracey, are chock full of knowledge, always willing to take the extra time to explain medical jargon, and very patient in thinking through with us what the best care is for our fur babies, Tucker and Tank. It is clear Dr. Bishop and Tracey love what they do. Their dedication, respect and countless phone calls we have made to them are proof!  We feel fortunate that our dog’s medical care is in their hands, and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for the very best for your pet.”
Lori and Tim, Cockeysville MD (6/2013)

"We have been taking our two Australian Shepherds to Dr. Bishop for a while now, and we have been incredibly happy with him as a veterinarian, and as a person. We had seen a couple Vets before him, but once we met with him, we knew the rest of our appointments would only be with him.
No matter how much time has passed between visits, he always remembers us and our boys. He's just as happy to see them as they are to see him. It's not always easy taking dogs to the Vet, but once Dr. Bishop walks in the room, everything is ok.
Dr. Bishop makes going to the vet an easy and worry free experience. He has incredible knowledge, and anything that came up, from Lyme disease to a hanging tooth, he handled it incredibly well, and our boys were quickly back and better than ever.
We're incredibly lucky and fortunate we were able to find Dr. Bishop and we will trust him with our dogs for a very long time."
Jamie, Erin, Brantley and Chykie (6/2013)

My dog Bibi was under the care of another vet, when she developed several cysts.   A double mastectomy was recommended. I called Dr. Bishop to get a second opinion and was consoled by his explanation about the risk, and the procedure. He agreed with the initial diagnosis of his colleague, but it was his compassionate, kind demeanor and his understanding that led me to change vet to care for my "children".  Bibi had the surgery, and recovered very well, we just celebrated her year anniversary of her re-birth.  I will recommend Dr. Bishop to anyone seeking a professional, dependable and supportive service. My pets are living proof of his great work.

Another case example, can be seen in JJ my cat, he is a 5 year old gray mix.  He had an abscess on his chest, maybe caused by  a scratch from a stray cat.  I discovered the big mass and panicked.  Dr. Bishop was quick, precise and brought him to health speedily. It is nice to rely on his good medical judgment and his caring services.
- Salome, Jason, Bibi, JJ, and Sonny (6/2013)
(JJ skyping with Grandmom)


From January 15th - January 26th the office will be open Monday through Saturday from 10am - 5pm.  Mobile appointments may be limited.

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Such a wonderful visit! Dr. Bishop is so kind, patient, and knowledgeable. They were able to take us the next day when we needed to get our new cat, Ivan, vaccinated. He had been outside and needed treatment. The doc knew the shots he needed and helped with his fleas. I highly recommend this fantastic care to anyone looking for a new vet. The gentleness here is priceless. Thank you Dr. Bishop!! ^_^  

"I am very grateful to Dr. Bishop and everything he has helped us with."

"It is nice to rely on his good medical judgment and his caring services."

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