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Our Veterinarians & Staff in San Antonio, TX

Each year all of our staff members attend 120 hours of in-house education and client relation training. In addition, our staff members attend local educational seminars as well as key members from each of the departments are chosen to attend national level continuing education conferences.

Family Pet Hospital is an established, full-service hospital that offers high quality medicine, surgery and dentistry for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds and reptiles.  We perform many routine surgeries such as spays, neuters and declaws, as well as many orthopedic, corrective, cosmetic and other specialized soft tissue surgeries. We opened in 1998 with the principal of providing quality healthcare while building lasting relationships. We believe that veterinary medicine starts with a foundation in relationships. The better you know how a family interacts with their companion the better you can understand behavior problems, health issues and sometimes the secret of the missing shoe!

All exams start off with proper communication and if your exam is not communicated well then so many things can be misinterpreted or missed and that's where our level of care begins. Each one of our staff members goes through internal continuing education every week. Whether it be how to better communicate, where we went wrong and how can we fix it, to intestinal parasites, dentistry, dermatology, immunology and so much more. We strive to give you the best experience we possibly can , but of course we can not do that without the fundamental love of animals. We take pride in our staff members and some have been with us for over 10 years. The average number of pets per staff member is 5! Most of these furry friends have been rescues off the street. Sometimes we forget the large number of rescue animals that need help in San Antonio. Family Pet Hospital does its best to help where it can and we work extensively with Alamo Rescue Friends and Gold Ribbon Rescue. We also work with groups such as Guide Dogs for the Blind ,Train a Dog Save a Warrior, and the occasional deer and wildlife rescue. We do our best to spread our love of animals wherever we can. We hope that you will allow us to show you the difference in our hospital and we only ask one thing in return, be ready to make a relationship that lasts!!


Dr. Michael O. Woolley, a 1981 graduate of South West Texas State University, received his doctorate of veterinary medicine from Texas A&M college of veterinary medicine in 1986.

I first knew I wanted to be a veterinarian at a young age. My love of animals and people could not have directed me to a better place in life. When our hospital opened in 1998 we had no idea if we would succeed or not, but we knew that sometimes the greatest things in life come with taking a chance and doing things honestly and with sincerity.  Steve Jobs said, " The pursuit of wealth will not often lead to joy, but the pursuit of happiness will result in a different sort of wealth". We open every morning with the intent to make a difference in someone's life. We may not be the fastest veterinary hospital, but we build relationships that last and deliver quality medicine. The daily interaction that I have with animals is truly a blessing. Animals come with an unconditional love and bond that is similar to a new baby.  I am blessed to be able to work with my wife Carrie who is also a veterinarian. We have 3 beautiful children who are growing up entirely too fast, but with that comes a different bond and friendship that I value very much. There is nothing better than enjoying a nice ride up 281 on a Sunday morning with Carrie or one of the kids and just cruising with no worries in the world. I encourage everyone whether you drive fast or slow to just take a drive up through the Texas Hill Country, turn on your favorite music and enjoy life. I can't wait to see what the future holds for our family and the hospital. Thank you Stone Oak and the surrounding communities for letting our dream be a reality!

Dr. Carolyn Stewart, a 1986 graduate of UTSA, received her doctorate of veterinary medicine from Texas A&M college of veterinary medicine in 1992.

When you become a veterinarian you know one thing, you love animals! What you don't know is the bond that you will develop with your clients, their families and your co workers. Veterinary medicine has a way of opening people's hearts. There is a common conception that eyes are the windows to the soul, I disagree. I believe animals are.  On a daily basis people share stories with us that make us laugh and cry and some stories give us the chance to learn and grow and to realize how lucky we are to be blessed with loving families. I am blessed to be able to balance work and home. It's not easy to be a mother of 3, a full time veterinarian and to work with your husband, but life is not about being easy. Its about experiences!  I recently completed a triathlon and it was horrible, exciting, exhausting and fulfilling. I have never pushed so hard for something in my life, but the end result was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. That's similar to my feelings on owning a business. During certain times it can be demanding and exhausting, but then I see the first puppy of the morning or the parvo patient that is able to see it's family for the first time since starting treatment and I am overwhelmed with accomplishment and gratitude. I am so grateful to the community for allowing my husband and I into your lives and your stories. Our Family Pet Hospital truly is yours!


Justin Tijerina- Hospital Administrator

Angie Tijerina- Hospital Supervisor

Client Services

Sondra Munoz - Senior Receptionist

Sarah Carey- Receptionist

Audrey Powell- Receptionist

Victoria Santellan- Grooming Assistant

Olivia- Greeter


Tori Vela- Technician

Jordan Tijerina- Technician

Skye Starbuck- Veterinary Technician

Emarea Delahoussaye - Technican

Marissa Higgins- Technician


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Dr. Woolley has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years.

John E.
San Antonio, TX

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