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Annie Chief Executive Officer

annie_1_1.JPGRecently appointed CEO with the passing of the eldest Noble pets, Annie, age 12 brings wisdom to the board. Credentials:  M.B.A (Meaty Bone Addict)   Born in Dunlap she has lived a great life helping to raise a baby deer, kittens, and other dogs all while guarding the homestead from the cows in the field.  Since her promotion to CEO she has resigned to lap sitting.  Greatest passion:  Meaty Bone Treat Time. 

Josie Head of Security


Credentials: G.E.D.(Greatly Exaggerates Danger) Age 9, she hails from Grundy County and has traveled and lived through out Tennessee, Atlanta and currently resides in Colorado. Having spent many summers living with poppa and granny Noble she is well versed in the life of a veterinarian’s pet.  Greatest passion: Barking....at EVERY sound. 

Arnus Nutritional Director


Credentials: M.S.V. (Mighty Slayer of  Vermin)  Age 4, Taken in from a litter tossed on Pitts Gap Mountain, he is brother to Bessie. His gentle nature is beguiling but he truly rules with an iron fist. If in doubt….ask the mice

Greatest passion:  Roaming the farm for vermin

Gus Recreational Director


Credentials M.S. (Mostly Spoiled) Age 3, Adopted after being orphaned, he is a Noble granddog. Worried that he was becoming too bored and spoiled, his parents brought home a sibling, Molle. 

Greatest passion: Playing Ball

Molle Recreational Committee

molle_1.JPGCredentials: Ph.D (Pretty Hyper Dog) Age 18 months, rescued from a busy Dunlap street as a little puppy she has morphed into a very active girl. Like normal kids, they point the finger at each other, "She did it" "He did it" Greatest passion: Getting Gus in Trouble



Need I say more??

Dolly Political Adviser
Credentials: M.S  (Most Snooty)  Age 2, she was found in a live skunk

dollie5.JPG trap as a kitten. Very devilish. Flirts with people but despises most all the other animals.  

Greatest passion:  Sneaking out the door!


toot1_1.jpgTootsie Fashion Director

Credentials B.S. (Best Snuggler) Age 3, Tootsie is happiest in someones lap. While she loves to sport some fancy duds, she is always having a bad hair day!

Greatest passion: Lap Sitting!