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Services From Our Veterinarian in Jacksonville

Welcome to the kindest, most compassionate and competent veterinarian in Jacksonville, also serving Orange Park and Middleburg. The services we offer for pets demonstrate our commitment to their health for the long haul and our sincerest desire to serve their owners (you!) as well.

Jacksonville veterinarian holding dog and cat

Our Patients

We treat a wide variety of pets because of the vast knowledge of our many years of experience from over 20 years of practice. Specifically, we handle:

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Rabbits*

  • Pocket pets*

  • Reptiles*

  • Birds*

  • Wildlife*

  • Amphibians, fish, and more*

* The Jacksonville veterinarian handling these pets is not always available: call us for more information!

Pet Wellness

A comprehensive wellness plan is the ticket to a healthy and long life for your pet. Wellness equates to preventative care and includes yearly exams, blood tests, fecal exams, and vaccinations. During the annual exam, our Jacksonville vet makes sure your pet’s weight is healthy, checks the brightness of the eyes and color of the gums, palpates the abdomen to check the organs, and more.

Veterinary Medicine

If the need for diagnostics arises, we treat each patient individually using the most advanced techniques and protocols in veterinary medicine. These include blood work, urinalysis, radiology, ultrasound, and intestinal parasite examinations.

Emergency and Critical Care

Sometimes pets need emergency medical interventions, and if that’s the case, during normal business hours, our expert emergency veterinarian is here to handle acute illnesses and injuries. After hours we use the services of a local emergency center.


In addition to spays and neuters, we also perform declawing and soft tissue surgeries. We are proud of the compassionate quality care we provide with the best equipment and technology available. We know that many owners are concerned about using anesthesia for their pets. Rest assured, we use proven, pet-safe anesthesia and keep close tabs on your pet throughout the entire procedure.

Dental Care

Dental care means more than clean teeth for your pet. It also means a healthy mouth and prevention of periodontal disease as well as other serious illnesses. We use ultrasonic technology which is the best way to maintain your pet’s oral health. When we clean your pet’s teeth we polish, apply a fluoride treatment, give an antibiotic injection, and send him or her home with a supply of antibiotics as indicated.

Learn More About Our Clinic!

We aim to make things as easy as possible for you. First, we have a computerized appointment book that speeds up the appointment process. We’ll also do our best to accommodate your schedule and needs. Know that if emergencies arise, we are just a quick call or drive away. No need to travel looking for your pet’s meds, we have a fully stocked cabinet on site!

We invite you to experience the superior services provided by our veterinarian in Jacksonville, also serving Orange Park, and  Middleburg. Call us today to make an appointment.

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