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Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm is a parasite transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes.  Adult heartworms live in the pulmonary artery (between the heart and lungs) and the pet usually shows no signs of disease for several years.  Later, when the disease progresses, coughing and fatigue after exercising may be seen.

Heartworm is occurring more frequently in our area, so you need to protect your pet.  It is a very preventable disease, but it is difficult to treat once the pet is infected.  If left unchecked, or if it progresses too far, treatment can be costly and sometimes unsuccessful. Heartworm prevention is cheap insurance for a happy and healthy pet.

Prevention is a simple once-a-month flavored oral tablet (Interceptor/Sentinel™) or a once every six month injection (ProHeart™).   We recommend testing for heartworm every other year, just in case your pet may have coughed up the medication or you accidentally forgot to give it.  If you choose to use the ProHeart™ injection, as long as the injection is given on time every six months, then followup heartworm testing is not required.  Testing is performed before starting the medication, because it does not clear a heartworm infection that is already present.

Heartworm most usually infects dogs, but cats can also be infected (even indoor cats).  The disease is much more serious in cats, and death is a significant risk factor of the disease.  Cats can also get aberrant migration (worms migrating where they normally would not), which can cause seizures and other problems.

Here at Adobe Animal Hospital, we can test your dogs and cats for heartworm disease and tailor a heartworm prevention program that's just right for your pet.


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